Calling a field value from the Form

  • 15 September 2021
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I was wandering to know how to create a filed value from the form to the different phases?

For example within the form this what I have:

What I want do is to call the input value of “Employee’s name” from the form without re-entering it  manually again.

is it possible?


Best answer by Ezequiel Souza 15 September 2021, 18:29

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3 replies

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Hi Kamala

Unfortunately each phase has their fields and when the card is moved to another phase the filed is moved to right side of card and you can see it below in the historical


To solve this you need:

  1. Create the same field in each phase
  2. Create automation, based on “when the card entry in the phase” fulfill the new field with last value from earlier phase.
  3. Reproduce this for all phases that will be applicable

I hope that I helped you

Ezequiel Souza

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OK, But it would much faster or dynamic to be able to call the values which are already exist rather than re-writing it.


however thank you so much for your reply. 

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Hi @Yaseen KAMALA, how are you doing?

The way to do this is exactly as Ezequiel suggested to you above!
It would be really nice if you can share it in our Ideation Section to give your feedback! :)

Have a nice weekend!