Can I set a default for {{}} for use in automations?

  • 28 January 2022
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In E-Mail-Templates, there is the field I can use, {{}} (and {{}} etc.). Its value makes absolute sense when sending an E-Mail manually.

When having an E-Mail sent by an automation, it is empty though.

What I would like this variable to have a value of, e.g.:

  • Company E-Mail
  • Card’s E-Mail
  • The E-Mail of the User to triggered the automation (e.g. by move)
  • Assignee

Just anything, really, but it seems the current answer is “nothing”. Can I set a default somewhere?

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3 replies

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One of the options you mentioned is already configurable, as long as the person moving the card is marked as responsible/assignee for it.



This option works well when you have a Pipe with restricted view, as each user only sees their cards.

Whenever a template is sent, the card's email is copied to receive a copy of the reply, so I would imagine that it is not necessary for him to be the sender of the message.



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@genietim  still facing the same problem?

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@Juliana SpinardiI suppose it would have been better to open this as an idea. In priciple, Lucas is right: I just have to use one of the other options of dynamic values. The probably better workaround though would be to just duplicate my E-Mail templates that I use {{}} in, and replace it with my desired value for automations.