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  • 23 November 2020
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Is it possible to get the id of a deleted card via webhook using something like a action "card.delete"? It would be very useful to keep a database based on cards up to date.


Best answer by Marcos Carvalho 23 November 2020, 18:11

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Hello Amanda, how are you? 


We don't have a card.delete webhook action. We only support these actions: 

  • card.create 
  • card.move
  • card.late
  • card.expired
  • card.overdue
  • card.done

So if you want to be notified about done cards, you can create a webhook with the [card.done] action.



But maybe you want a CardDelete mutation to delete cards in Pipefy using API. If that’s the case, here the documentation how you can run it:


Here an example:


mutation {
deleteCard(input: {id: 2762646}) {


Hope it helps :slight_smile: