Card fields wont start fresh in revisits

  • 26 June 2020
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Hi friends,

When a card revisits a phase, Pipefy, instead of showing previous phase selections (history) as if they are current selections (most current visit selection), previous selections should be stored in history of the card, which would serve data security concern.   Now when we purposefully want a card to revisit a phase several times, we have to clear previous visit selections which defies other benefits.   Is this expected behaviour?   Just a feedback. Every visit of a phase by a card should start with fresh fields,and any previous visit field selections should be stored in history of the card.

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3 replies

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Hi @jamestek , that is indeed the expected behavior, the fields belong to each phase and if you move a card back into a phase it’s been before, the information in its fields will be filled with the previous values. If you happen to edit the content of the fields that will be stored in the activity history (lower right corner of the card), like this:

If you need each revisit to start with blank fields you can use a workaround and setup an automation rule to clear them up, it takes a bit of effort though. Let me know if you want to know how to do it, it demands having field conditionals (available in business and enterprise plans) and the use of one automation rule per phase you’d like to clear. Also it’d be great if you could add this to the product feedback section of the community.

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Thank you!

I would love to know how to clear all fields in each revisit.  Is there a tutorial about this?

I need the same! I tried with automations and was unable. How can I set this up?


Figured it out! Or at least a way to do it! Here it is:

  1. In the phase for which you wish to refresh fields; create a copy of all the fields that need to be refreshed and add Empty in their title somewhere so you can locate them easily. 
  2. Add a conditional rule that simply Hides all these Empty fields
  3. Setup an Automation that goes as Follows : When card enters a phase > Update field > Select all the fields that need to be reset and set a dynamic value. The Dynamic value you select should be the corresponding “empty” fields you created earlier.
  4. Make sure you have created all fields before creating the automation otherwise you will not see them as options in the Dynamic fields option when creating the automation.