ChatGPT and Pipefy

  • 23 August 2023
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Here I share some ideas for using ChatGPT that can help when building queries and mutations.


Mutation for updating cards:


Here I think it's cool that it responds to an API limitation and brings a suggestion.

I did a test giving the name of the fields and it already brings the custom code.



Query to search for cards:


In addition to bringing the code suggestion, it brings clear explanations of which fields need to be changed.



Even with the limitations of updating ChatGPT, I believe it is a good tool to be used on a daily basis by those who work with Pipefy.


It can also be used when creating interactions with Make/Integromat, among others.


How have you been using ChatGPT together with Pipefy?


6 replies

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It’s so great!!! Thanks for sharing!

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Great topic @Lucas Democh! Thanks for sharing!🙏🏼

Im also curious to know more about How have you been using ChatGPT together with Pipefy?👀

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Thanks for sharing, that’s a great idea, I’ll try it soon.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these valuables strategy maxstudio  insights on using ChatGPT for queries and mutations.
  2. Your suggestions for updating cards and searching for them are spot-on and can greatly enhance workflow efficiency.
  3. ChatGPT proves to be a versatile tool, especially for Pipefy users, and can streamline interactions with platforms like Make/Integromat.
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Thanks for your insights @moshileo!

Could you share with our Community how you use ChatGPT to optimize interactions with platforms such as Make/Integromat?