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  • 9 November 2021
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We want to be able to onboard a customer. As part of that, I understand we can use conditional logic to provide the correct information required from the customer.

For example:

As part of our start form, we will select multiple services we will provide to the customer; when these services are chosen in the form, we can add conditional logic that adds a new step to the form to capture the information required to  for each service. Great!

This step is where I get stuck; when we do this, we want to be able to assign the task / send the form to the new customer and ask them to complete the information.

  • Is this possible by sharing a link with the cutomer to access the specific task/form asa guest?
  • Also, can a guide be a part of the form for the customer or staff to follow, such as text, links, and videos to guide them to complete the form correctly?
  • Lastly, can this work if we invite a guest user (customer) to the platform to complete tasks? Or is it simply through the portals as standardised forms? If so, when a form is completed can the card created be linked to the customer onboarding form?

If not, is there a workaround?

I understand the platform is fantastic for internal teams. I just wonder if we can use it to onboard a client? We looked at Tallyfy that does this and creates a one time guest link for each task for the guest for client onboarding but we want to use Pipefy.

I would be grateful if you could clarify this for me.





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Hi Ryan!


Sounds like quite a complex scenario you’re trying to build - with many different options and outcomes. I think your best bet would be to work with your Pipefy Account Manager to try to get someone from their team to help you build out the workflow you’re describing.


That said, these are some things I would recommend:


  1. You mentioned that when the customer chooses a service they then have to fill out more questions to provide information. If possible, I would include those questions in the same form rather than trying to link them to a separate one. 
  2. If your new customers have to fill out multiple forms, grouping them in a portal could be a great idea. That way you only have to send them the one link. 
  3. For each field on the start form you can include “help text”. This will appear as a little icon to the right of the question. 
    Help Text icon
    The customer can click on the icon to read any text instructions you’ve provided or to access links to other resources.
  4. I don’t know of a way to embed videos in a Pipefy form.
  5. If your “guide” information needs to be on its own (rather than in help text), you could use Statement fields to provide further text or links for your customers to read and follow.


I’m not sure I understand the last part of your questions where you talk about the customer completing tasks which will create another card and might require them accessing the back-end of the system. Again, I’d try to keep it all in a public form or forms, if possible, rather than having your customers need to be given guest access anywhere. 


Hope some of this helps.