Conversion Funnel in Dashboard Beta

  • 3 November 2020
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Can you help me in designing a Conversion Funnel Dashboard in Dashboard Beta?


Best answer by mozart-morales 12 November 2020, 14:24

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Hi @inaki1 hope you are doing well! 

I will share what i did after our workshop and you can see if that will help you.

Step 1: 

Define what you would like to measure: in my case i would like to count distinct cards in each phase, so first my measure will be "Cards Count - Distinct"


Step 2:

Define dimension: in my case i would like to see cards in each phase movement, so my dimension will be "Phase movement > Phase Name"


Step 3:

Time, in my case i will not add any specific date but you can add if you want


After that i will be able to see:

That is my "Conversion Funnel":
how many cards "opportunities" are in each phase:

"New requests" 



Contract signed



that helps you? 

If no, please let me know and i will try to help you :) 

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Hello Mozart.

Thanks for your explanation. 

It helps me. It is a good approach. But it is a static approach.

Want I Want to know in the funnel is:

  1. % of Leads (Phase 1) converted to Meetings (Phase 2)
  2. % of Meetings (Phase 2)  converted into Proposals (Phase 3)
  3. % of Proposals (Phase 3) converted into WIN (Phase 4 - Win)
  4. % of Proposals (Phase 3) converted into LOST (Phase 4 - Win)



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Hi @inaki1 Thats great! 
And i think is it possible to solve too.

My example here:
I would like to send NPS message for my customers and after i would like to see:
a. % of customers (leads) answer (converted) to Promoters (Phase 2)
Build a new dashboard

Measures: Card count DISTINCT"> Dimensions "Phase movement > Phase name"

Second: Filter by phase name that i would like to see the conversion so "Send NPS (portuguese will be Enviar NPS) and Promoter (Promotor)

What you can see is that: Total number of card that "passed" to my phase "Send NPS"= 60 

Also, total cards that are in "Promoter" right now "35" 
So i can see a % of 36.8% of all "leads" that "convert" to Promoter.


And now we need to build more 3 charts with the other values so we will see the a.b.c.d itens.

Do you think that will solve?

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Great Mozart Morales! Thanks for your quick help!!!


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Hi Mozart. One more question.

I realized that the percentage is not Ok in the pie.


Because you sent 60 NPS.

Out of those 60, only 35 turned into promoters.

So the conversion is 35/60 = 58,33%

The problem with the pie is that is a share of two stages.

So, it does 35/ (60 + 35) = 36,8%.


And that is not conversion. Conversion is 58,33%.
Because the reality is that almost 6 people out of 10 that was sent the NPS turned into promoters.

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Hum, you are right! 
Thanks for that!

I will try to think in another way, but if we change to "Bar" we will see that:
Send NPS (60) » Promoter (35) 
And we will need to do the calculation to see that 58,33%.

Thanks again! and i will try to solve that :)