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  • 15 September 2020
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When a new opportunity becomes available (a customer calls), I’d like to check to see if that person is already a customer.  How could I do that?


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Hi @rando305 , how are you? I hope is all well! 


In this case you can create a database for your customers and once a new opportunity becomes available, you can simply check in this database for this customer register. You can create a connection field in your first phase for that, for example. And if you do not have this customer already in your database, you can create the register using the information provided in the start form.


Also, in the database there is an option to make the field has a unique value so you don’t duplicate your customer’s registers.



Let me know if this helps you or if you need more clarification about it!


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Thank you for your response.

I was working on it last night and it still seems complicated.

So yes, I have created a database and linked it to the startup form.  But, I don’t know how to create a lookup field for the customer.  I’ll keep exploring.  I can create an assignment - to assign to users.  But I haven’t found an option to begin typing a name and have it search from my database (and then give me the option to add if it is not there.)

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@rando305 Hello, how are you doing today? 

You can create the connected field as @anne.winter mentioned from the pipe to the database. If you create your connection as “search and create” you will be able to look up in your db if the client is already there by the record title and if not, you will be able to create a new record. 

For example, in this field I can search and create. I can use the typing box to look for existing records and if what I am looking for is not there I can use the “add new” button to create new record. 

I hope this answers your question. However, if you have doubts and questions don’t hesitate on opening a ticket with us in the chat, okay? :hugging: ​​​​​​​