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  • 11 February 2021
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Hello Doers,Is it possible to customize the cards ID? For example, to give a prefix code like ABC0001.

Best answer by Lucas Faust 11 February 2021, 20:01

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Hey Rodrigo, how are you?

Unfortunatelly that’s not something possible to do natively on Pipefy. I am sending this as a feedback to our product team.

Although, you can solve that by integrating Pipefy with Google Sheets, for exemple, and run a formula that will return the ID in the way you want to a specific field in Pipefy. Would that work for you?

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Hello @Lucas Faust ,

Thank you for the tip.

I think it could work.

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We are currently doing a similar thing: we also have our internal (i.e. non-Pipefy) id’s of every card (= project) that we generate automatically using Integromat (resp. we also have a solution to do it directly via GraphQL if Integromat would ever fail). The internal id is just a simple text field, so not equivalent to the id of the card which can also easily be queried, but it works for our purposes. 

If you need to query for cards with this internal id, I would suggest to append it to the card title (i.e. add a new field for the card title, which you autofill with the value of the field which you used as a card title before plus the value of the internal id). Then, you can use the CardsSearch to search by the title containing the internal id.

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Helllo @genietim .


Thank you for your tip.

I think it could work for us.




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Hi Rodrigo,

You can also create this type of custom field / custom filling using Integromat. In my case, I created an initial code + date and time in numeric format.

If you have any questions on this platform, I will be on hand to help.