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  • 12 November 2020
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HI Team,


In Our pipe: 1004580 , A card is getting created multiple time with title:[66.0, 76.0, 67.0, 75.0, 49.0, 48.0, 54.0, 48.0, 54.0, 55.0]


Can you please tell me how I can delete those duplicate cards.


Best answer by Luan de Araujo 13 November 2020, 22:27

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We don't have a native feature to delete multiple cards at once. However, you can use a recurring activity automation to delete cards in bulk. For that, you need to be admin of the pipe in question.
First, you must create a new phase in this pipe, without any fields.
Then, you must access the automation part and then create a recurring activity automation.


This automation means that every 30 minutes, all the cards in the pipe will be moved to this new phase that you created. To limit which cards you want to move, you need to add a condition.


You can select the conditions for the cards to be moved, such as "current phase", "expiration date equal to X" etc.

After the cards are moved, you can delete the automation and delete the level. All cards in the stage will be deleted as well.

Remembering that, for this automation to run, it is necessary that all the mandatory fields of the card are filled, ok? :)