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  • 12 July 2022
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I am evaluating Pipefy because I have a complex IT services business.

I have seen how Pipefy can cover most of my use cases.

This use case is different: I would like to implement a checklist based knowledge base.

I explain: people can have a portal where they can search for a card.

Each card solves an IT problem (“disk full problem”) and it has a description text of the problem, one or more links to external documentation and a checklist.

Cards can be combined: “finished space problem” can have “inside” the cards “disk full” and “email full”

Basically a standard knowledge base has these problems:

  • checklists are better than a long document to read
  • checklists can be assigned to IT staff as a work to do

Have you some ideas on how I can implement this thing with Pipefy?




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There are some options to cover this scenario, one of them is to use connected pipes and databases.

Each card has its own Checklist and as the person adds subitems / IT problems the checklists will accumulate.