Email template - Send a quarterly notification - Not triggered by an event

  • 4 April 2022
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Hi, we are using Pipefy as a CRM. 
I am in need to send out a quarterly NewsLetter to some of our contacts.

Can I use Pipefy to create an email template and send the Newsletter to some of our contacts? This is a communication email that is not necessarily triggered by an action in Pipefy. It is just a communication email. 

It it is not possible, my other alternative is to use the contact information to send the email using Outlook. Our contacts are in a database that has no relation to the accounts cards, so I have no way to determine which contact name belongs to which account. 


Would love some help or ideas on how to accomplish this. 

2 replies

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Hi @radams,


You can solve this problem as follows:


Scenario A : Large recipient list with many changes.


1) Create a Pipe for email triggering;
2) Create your templates in this Pipe;
3) Create an automation to trigger the desired template when a card is created.
4) Whenever necessary, use IMPORTER (Pipe's native app for uploading XLSX files) to upload the list of recipients.
5) If you want, these cards that will be created can be connected with your table. To do this, create a connection field in the "Messenger" Pipe.

This way, each card in your Pipe will represent an email sent to a recipient.



Scenario B : If the recipient list is small and doesn't change much, you can do a simpler process.

1) Create a template with all recipients;
2) Associate the template with the creation of a card.


In this format, each card would represent an email sent to multiple recipients.


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Hi Lucas,

Thank you for taking the time to provide an answer.  This seems like a long process to be able to send an email.

To create an import file I need to be able to get the list of those that will need to receive the email. This is where I am stuck. I cannot pull the contact list with emails that will be linked to the card to be able to sort them out by type of card and status

Do you have a recommendation on how I could pull this list?

Thank you