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  • 7 October 2020
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Dear Pipefy Team,


I really love Pipefy - it lets us do amazing things that would be very difficult to do otherwise, and the features that you guys have put together are incredible.

However, it seems like there is some kind of issue with availability/speed/reliability on a near-weekly basis. This makes it really hard for us to fully rely on it for real business purposes. The features are great, but reliability is critical. For example, the recent email changes caused lots of problems. Today, the system is down and randomly not accepting entries or timing out. 

So, please, Pipefy management - if you are listening - prioritize stability and reliability of the platform!


Thanks in advance!




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2 replies

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Thanks, Milton. I completely understand, and really appreciate the transparency. As I said at the beginning, I really love Pipefy.


I was not writing just to be critical, but more because I know that there is often a balance for management in deciding between new features speed and ensuring reliability. And I would just like to be a voice asking for more focus on that stability side of the equation. We do like having the new features, but it’s much more important for us to be able to rely 100% on Pipefy. 




Hi @mgdwyer,


First, thank you so much for your honest feedback. We appreciate it!


Talking specifically about the issues you've been observing when using Pipefy, I'm sorry that these issues are impacting your operations and I can assure you we are always working hard to avoid that to happen and also working to make the platform more reliable every day, anticipating issues, fixing them and also taking seriously every incident that is impacting customers.


I'd highlight that we are very transparent and we are always showing in our Status Page every instability we have and details about it. You can follow it here:


If you would like to discuss more that specific issue with the emails, please don't hesitate to bring details for us to discuss, you can also open a ticket with our Support via the in-app chat.



Milton Costa

Site Reliability Engineer