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  • 26 September 2022
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Hi all, 

Recently the format of the comment field has changed, messing up all our information for that card.

It used to be structured, but now it’s gone.

Anyone with the same problem ?


@Giovanni Basso 


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5 replies

I can’t see the value removing enters on comments and forcing users to use HTML formatting. Quick comments should be user friendly no?

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Hi @bart-batselier how are you doing?
There was an update to the card comments, and the lines are now all together regardless of formatting. We can suggest HTML tags to break line <br> and paragraph <p>

Best regards!😊

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@lais-laudari Yes, I can see that.

We use the comments a lot and before we don’t need to teach our support any HTML language..

Is there any way to revert the change ? 

I can imagine not everyone knows HTML script ??



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Hello there, @bart-batselier

I’m sorry for the experience you had with this new release. At this point, there is no way to rever the change as the new feature is already in production. We’ll inform the product team about this matter so they can check the possibility to improve the feature in future releases. Thank you for your feedback on this, and sorry I could not assist you further. 

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Thank you for you reply.

Please do  notify your customers beforehand, so you can avoid this in the future.

In stead of HTML , markdown would be a solution also.

For now, we phase out the use of the comment field and are using another field.