Getting a Pipefy Report with Make (Integromat)

  • 23 December 2022
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Hello e Olá pessoas,

Im trying to get a Report from Pipefy using Make (Integromat) but i’m having trouble with the API Request.

First I’ll explain what i’m doing so you can understand a little better before i tell you my problem.



Step 1 and 2: To get my Report file URL i make two requests with these two queries:


Step 1​​​
Step 2

Step 3: I neeed to make and API Key Auth request to download the file from the URL from the previous query.

Step 4: I download the file from the URL that i got in step 2

The error appears in this last step, when i make the requisition and it returns me a error like below

Error :(
  • <Error><Code>NoSuchKey</Code><Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message><Key>orgs/1cd3302a-bdda-486f-8fca-2d1b95a157ef/reports/83f60727-407f-4014-893a-de3465d24696/entregas_dos_parceiros___farol_23-12-2022.xlsx</Key><RequestId>M2DKW11JFVAKTFYW</RequestId><HostId>G+y3k9EyStFFEvfYJxk00nqJYohQQwUMEOoVx6IIJL8NSGPUor6ZuocZi+eOFrwPn9J7z5oWNKc=</HostId></Error>

I dont know what i need to do to fix the “NoSuchKey” error because i already made the auth request.

This setup sometimes works fine and i can download it perfectly and sometimes i cant get the autorization.

There’s nothing changed between all these tries, i dont know if its correlated with the pipefy api mood or some technical issue that i cannot see.


[PTBR] Aceito respostas em português também, coloquei o problema em inglês para conseguir mais atenção.


@paulonavarro is my coworker and he will be helping me in this topic.


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6 replies

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@Lucas Democh  any thoughts??? 

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I believe your issue is that you are missing the following sentence from the documentation:


> It is important to point out that it may take a while for the report to be available to be exported depending on the volume of information. Stay tuned and, if necessary, leave a period of time for the download. When the report is formatted for export, the information “state” should return as “done”.


You can fix this in integromat either by using a while loop (repeating the query for the URL until the “state” becomes “done”) or by inserting a (longer) wait time until you run the query for the download URL/for doing the download.

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I might have to correct myself: after reviewing the code I use for exports, I do not do any Step 3 at all – try without and tell me if it works (as long as you still do a wait as described in my last comment; it appears that the error I get when trying to download too early is an authorization error as well).

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@frederico-machado Isn't module 2's answer already a file? In this case, you can cut step 3 and go with just three steps.

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@frederico-machado let me know if you need more help, please

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Hi @frederico-machado, we haven't heard back from you in a while, so I assume you solved it, so we will close this post!😀
See you!