How can you Send additional automated emails from a card in a phase that has breached SLA?

  • 12 November 2021
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Hi Pipefy community,

I’m a recent user of the platform and love it’s potential. I currently have one process running in Pipefy and overall it’s going super well. However I have a question / challenge for the group. 

Disclaimer - I have reached out to support, and while they were helpful and have offered a workround, it’s not really practical and sustainable. So hoping the larger community might have additional insights.

Below is a screen shot of a portion of the flow. The 3 visible phases, Offer Made, Accepted - Retention, Accepted Trial.

There are currently 17 cards sitting in Offer Made, all are “late” - having breached the SLA of 2 days. I have an automation to send an email once the SLA is breached - this works well. However a number of the cards have been sitting in this phase for over 1 week, for example. I now want to sent another reminder email to each card. This is the challenge - there is no way to send automated email, unless some activity happens with the card, such as “update field, move card, etc”.

The only helpful solution I could see was to try and use an automation based on  “Recurring activity”, however the actions don’t support “send email”.

Pipefy support workaround was creating a new phase, moving the cards into this new phase, sending email, etc, but this is messy, not scalable and “a bit manual”, in my opinion.

I’d appreciate any suggestions or feedback - no idea is a bad idea … 

Many thanks,





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Hello how are you?

Really, to do this process automatically is something very complicated. I've had a similar problem, what did I do or do an automation so, when pipefy sent the first email, the expiration date changed to +7 days, so when it expired, if it expired in another week without having finished, it would send the email again.

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Thank you for the approach - that’s interesting.

Can I ask

1- is there a specific “expiration field” you are setting & updating on the card?

2 - what automation event are you using ? 


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Answering your questions:

1) Yes, all my cards have the "Expiration date" field, which is the date on which a certain card must be delivered. It helps me create these automations

2) I used the automation "when an alert is added", I selected the pipe that I will execute this automation, the trigger is the expired card. I put it so that it can update the expiration date to 7 days after the date that is on the card.

Here are the prints for a better understanding: