How to add a online version for emails templates

  • 14 March 2022
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Hi community !

Is there a “online version ” for emails templates ?

If yes, where may i find the link of this version (i would like to add it in the header email template ;))

Thanks a lot


Best answer by Nicole Chiroli 16 March 2022, 21:32

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4 replies

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Hi, @chrgilles!

I think I didn't quite understand your question. Would you like to get an online template repository, with several options to select the one you would like to use?

If so, I believe it doesn't exist with Pipefy.

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Hi @alicereis no ; in fact i was asking me if it was possible to have a feature link shown here : :point_down:

It’s done if the email client does not render the email properly. Contacts can access the online version of an email via a link in the email itself.


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Hi! So there's no such option in email templates, but it would be a great feature.

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Hey, @chrgilles. Like Rafael mentioned, we don't have a feature like this at the moment.

It would be amazing if you could send this to our ideation page inside the Community so we can evaluate the idea and log it as a feedback! :hugging:

Thank you!