How to create a recurring activity to run every 14 days?

  • 4 February 2022
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My team have a meeting every 14 days and after this meeting I'd like that every card at phase "Done" move to "Archived". I did an automation to do this every half hour so I don't need to move manually all cards, but I don't want to worry about turning the automation on and off every time. Do you know how can I make a recurring activity to run every 14 days?


Best answer by Ezequiel Souza 4 February 2022, 15:15

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5 replies

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Hi Felipe

Unfortunately the options for this automation Recurring Activities is very limited.

There is no an option each 15 days, custom date or other more flexible trigger.

Including others options in action like send e-mail or update a field.


Maybe it’s is possible using an integration, but you need check if your contract cover that.


O hope you good luck!

Ezequiel Souza

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Hi @felipe-moreira21,


If the task stays in this "done" phase all the time for the same amount of time, you can set the phase SLA and use the delayed card trigger to move the card.

Regarding card expiration, Pipe has three triggers:

- Expired Card: When the card's expiry date arrives;
- Delayed card: When a card exceeds the SLA time of a certain phase;
- Card Expired: When a card exceeds the Pipe SLA time (Configured in Pipe's advanced options).


Best regards!

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@felipe-moreira21 Hey there! 

Did you solve your problem? How can we help?

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Thanks for the answer @Ezequiel Souza. I’ll check if my contract covers it and try to solve this using an integration.


Thanks for the answer @Lucas Democh. I don’t think it would work for me becaus the cards are updates by there collaborators themselves and the card can have diferents expire time.

Eg. The meeting is on February 10th and I have to “Send the report commented” until February 5th, so the expire time would be February 5th and this card would probably be in the done phase by the time of the meeting, and it can have others cards done after this one with different expire time. The purpose of the meeting is just to keep the whole team apart of what is happening on the general.

Hi ​​​@Juliana Spinardi, I’ll do what Ezequiel porposed and if I solve or if it doesn’t work I’ll tell.

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Perfect, @felipe-moreira21 
Count on us to help you!