How to create dashboard for database table?

  • 24 January 2022
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I have a database table with some records and now i want to generate a dashboard and a report for that. But, I am unable to find a way to do that. Please suggest or refer to any related article for this. 



4 replies

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Hi Munesh-Kumar


Unfortunately it’s not possible elaborate report direct from table. All Pipefy features are linked by Pipe and Cards.

A way to get it solve is: Create a Pipe and inside that create a Start Form with fields that reflect entire your table columns and use the Report feature inside of Pipe to generate your required report.


I hope that it can helpful.

Ezequiel Souza



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Thanks Ezequiel.


In my pipe, I have implemented employee 360 feedback process where an employee initiates feedback process using a start form for himself/herself, nominates peers for submitting their feedbacks. Employee can receive more than one feedbacks from peers. To collect feedback responses, I created a database table and shared that as a public form. So now all the data is collected in that table. Now I need to create dashboard for that data and i am clueless. There seems no feasible way to that or is there any?


Munesh Kumar

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Hi Munesh Kumar

An option is create a new Pipe with new Start Form and add all fields regarding the feedback and create you dashboard using Panel.

Sorry is in Portuguese, but the last option in the menu.


I hope that it works for you.
Ezequiel Souza


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Hi @munesh-kumar,


If this table is not updated very often, you can extract the data in excel and create an external dashboard using some other tool. 


There is also the option to configure automatic extraction (using other tools with GCP or AWS Lambda) so that you have this data available in the cloud to build more complex dashboards that can integrate data from Pipefy and other sources.