How To Create The Following Function: Interface Segment Links to Corresponding Card and Pipe When Clicked

  • 2 December 2023
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My research shows that using javascript will let you click on a ‘card’ in the interface and it acts as a hyperlink to the actual corresponding card and pipe,

but it sounded like I would just be using javascript to access the corresponding card and database as a supplement to clicking on the interface segment - which looks very clickable as mouse-hover-over highlights the ‘card’ (or the card as viewed in the interface)

Does anyone know if we can make the input “mouse click" open link (link being the card) to make managing every pipe from a macro level easier with the database?

And if this isn’t possible, it’s a valuable feature for an update: having an overall view of every task in every pipe and being able to access it by either left clicking or right clicking and choosing ‘open link in new tab’ would create a sort of executive management feature

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Hi @daniel-bluelotuscreative ! 

Thanks for bringing this question for this forum! 

By using interfaces, you can create a personalized open card.

On interface's right menu, if you enable the option to allow users to view record details, you will be able to create a record template, where you can set which fields will be presented to the users when they click on a record from an interface table. By doing this, you can also define which fields will be read-only and which fields will be editable. 





With this option, you will be able to customize the information according to what users should see and edit. 


Would this option address your need?