How to customize my task view

  • 16 August 2021
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My team members have to prioritize their activities based on certain metrics. The view we have is very generic and does not help them in prioritizing their workload. How do we customize the view by adding new columns.

Thanks for your help in advance

Joe Edward


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Hello @edward16 you want to create a new phase inside a pipe?

Just click the kebab menu, than create a new phase. If isnt it, just reply.

Hope i help

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Thanks for your response Mr. Tobias! I am not looking at creating phases but creating additional columns in “my tasks” list as shown below. I would like to add additional fields in my task view so my team member knows what activity is pending in a given phase. 



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Oh now i understand, 

For it to be show in the my tasks you should add a new field inside the card, than the report section will allow the option to show more columns.

Sorry for the missunderstood before haahhaa

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Thanks! i have added column in reporting but was actually forward in my task view. 

For eg:

The my task view has current phases but I have activities in each phases which is handled by different team members. Unfortunately all the team members have the particular phase in their my task view though each activity is assigned to individual team members. 

Like the way we create columns in report - can we amend the my task view. 


Thanks in advance

Joe Edward

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This does not seem to be possible currently. Feel free to submit an idea in, I will certainly upvote.


What you can do though: create your own “my task” view: create a report, use as a filter “Assignees is”. As you say, in the report, you can add your fields and columns as you desire.