How to return the card to a previous phase and appear as pending in tasks and requests

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Hello! All good?Today in my process we only use the “Tasks and Requests” option and we need to move the card numerous times between processing and pending information when information is missing, but when the Card returns from missing information to processing, in the “Tasks and Requests” are considered completed and not pending. How can I solve it so that when a card returns to a phase it is in “pending” and not “completed” in “Tasks and Requests”?

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Hi, @Felipe Cordeiro 

Could you send us a screenshot of the finished card when the card returns to the phase 

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Hi @Felipe Cordeiro , howdy?  

We are waiting for the screenshot to analyze, or if you want a faster service, open a support chat with us within Pipefy itself 

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I suggest to check if the prior phase is configured as “This phase is the end of process” or some like that.

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Maybe this phase is setup as “end of process”, as Ezequiel mentioned previously.

You can uncheck this option and try again.