HTML vs Markdown vs portal

  • 11 October 2022
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@Giovanni Basso 



It seems that when we use HTML all is going well, but not in the portal.

If I change towards markdown the portal is going well, but the pipeline is not well formatted.

Can this be solved ?

See movie :

3 replies

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Hello Bart!

As far as I know, HTML doesn't work on the public form =/
But we sent your open chat to our application support team to take a look at it and analyze it, okay?

Have a nice day 😊

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Ok, it’s a pity because in the comments we are forced to use the HTML, but in other parts it’s not working.

How can one know what to use ?

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Sorry about that =/
I have sent it to our product team,to analyze a possible future improvement regarding this issue agreed?
It is always good to contact the support team,if you have doubts of what can be used or not =)
Feel free to call us whenever you need Bart!