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  • 6 September 2022
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I would like to import data that fills fields across multiple phases for new cards.


I.e. one row of data would be used to create a new card and also fill in data for other phases of that card at the same time - not just the start form.


When I am importing data, the importer tool allows me to select these ‘extra’ fields outside the start form, but I get an error each time I select them and then attempt an import. If I only import data only for fields in the start form, then I can create cards without any problems.


Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible to do right now?


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4 replies

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Hello there, Zack! Hope you’re doing alright 😀

You’re correct and it’s possible to feed fields from other phases while importing new cards, as long as the start form fields are present in order for the cards to be created. 
There are two points that we need to check when doing that:

1 - The importer will not go through if mandatory fields don’t receive a valeu, even if they are hidden by conditional. (This is a system fault). 
2 - If the any of the fields that will receive value, are checked with the option Field is editable only on its original phase, the importer will not go through either. 

These are the most likely reasons your importation is not being uploaded as expected. Please let me know if this is the case, alright? 

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This has solved part of the problem as several fields were not editable on other phases.


But there are still some things getting in my way:

  • I cannot import data into connected fields. Is it possible to do this e.g. by creating new cards in those connected fields or selecting cards in those connected fields by their title? I have several connected fields which connect to cards that also have connected fields within them, so I see how this could complicate things.
  • Automations don’t run correctly when fields are filled in via import as opposed to manual entry. E.g. if I have an automation for something to happen when a field updates, it seems to only run if the field is updated manually.
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I’m glad the first part was solved! 

Regarding connected fields, you can bring only existing content to your connected field using the importer. In order to complete this operation, you’ll need to use the card ID or Database record ID in the spreadsheet to the correspondent content you want to upload. This video shows you how you can do that for database registries. For connected cards, the process will be the same, though you’ll need the card ID which can be found in the hyperlink.

For the automation scenario, it will work if the trigger equals to “When a card is crated”. 

Please let me know if this helps, Zach.

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This is working well, Marcos. Thank you for your help!