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We’re starting to build and use Pipefy Interfaces. One of our frustrations with “Data” elements is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to allow a user to ‘launch’ a card from the element in it’s Pipe.

Example Scenario

A Pipefy Interface Page contains a Data element drawn from a “Customer Enquiry Pipe” and shows all new customer enquiry cards. Ideally, we would want to be able to click on one of those cards to be taken directly to that card in the Customer Enquiry Pipe. This would allow the user either to view the card or to mode the card through the workflow.



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Hello, Mark!

We currently don’t have a way to link you directly to the pipe’s card view but you can add a record layout to the data table on the interface so the users can click one of the records to access it and edit its information. I recorded a GIF that shows the process of adding a record layout to view card information and then later editing that information:



I hope this helps improve your process and experience with Pipefy!

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Hi @ana-oliveira-pipefy thanks for your reply. Yes indeed it is possible to create templates like this but;

  1. It can be very time consuming, particularly given that the Pipe already has the data and the workflow steps! Why re-create it?
  2. Whilst the template will allow you to edit data, you can’t move the card through the Pipe.

We just need a simple way to open the card from the Interface.



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Hi, Mark!

I’m very excited to inform that we now have the option to open the card when clicking an interface row!




When you choose that option in the data element configs, the card will open in a new tab in your browser and you can see the card inside the pipe. Just make sure that your intended users are a part of the pipe and they will be able to do all the things you commented.

We hope this helps improve your workflow!