Is it possible to: If a card exists with an already chosen option from dropdown forms, remove that option from forms dropdown option?

  • 7 December 2022
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Hello Pipefy Commuinity,

I’m looking for a solution for a forms. We use one pipe to schedule 1:1 training with pre setted dates. The only solution I have found is to create a dropdown list with date/weekday/time.
In the example below you can see what I’m trying to achieve:

If I publish this form I can get multiple answers for either option.
Is there a better way to approach this?
Thank you in advance!


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Hi @maze I would like to understand better what do you need 🤗

Do you need cards with a unique data?



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@maze : do I understand correctly, that your problem is, that you have time-slots, where you want users to be able to select only not-yet selected slots, yes?


One option is to go via connected fields: have a database (or other pipe, depends on your needs) with the dates/time-slots, and a connection field to select the time-slots. Use an automation to mark these time-slot cards, that were selected as done → that way, they will not be shown in the selection list anymore.

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Hey @genietim I’m trying to find a way to change the status to “Done” but I am unable to make this process via automation, I would really appreciate some help with more steps if possible, I’m new to the application.

Thanks in advance.

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The following might not be ideal, but should certainly work, just what comes of the back of my head:

  • you have one pipe, the “main” one, in which people create their requests/for which you have a form, including a connection field to:
  • you have a second pipe, the “time-slots”. This is a minimal pipe, only that field, a first phase and a final phase, more or less, plus, additionally, a dummy field, say, checkbox, “selected somewhere”
  • you have an automation in the main pipe, either with the trigger “on card created” or “on field updated”. You use the “Update a card or record field” action to set the checkbox “selected somewhere” on the connection field for the time-slot
  • finally, you have an automation in the time-slot pipe, where you have the trigger “a field is updated” on the “selected somewhere” field: the action is “move card”, to the “done” phase

That way, the time-slot card will be moved to done automatically as soon as a time-slot in the main pipe was selected.

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@genietim Thank you, I managed to follow your steps and it did worked! 😁

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Cool, thanks for the feedback!

@Rodrigo Leite : you see that? Your amazing feature is already being applied and recommended for stunning applications! Thanks again!

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Wow!!!! That is great @genietim!!! Super happy to see the Automation:Update a card or a field record being useful for several use cases. 

If you don't see this automation option, don't worry. At this moment, this feature is available only  for 30% of our customers in Beta mode. Next week we will release it to 60% of our customers.

Thanks all!!!