Long Text Fields don't accept any code being stored in them?

  • 20 November 2022
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Have been running into this issue with the long text field when trying to store text that has some SQL syntax included:

  • Quick fix: Is there a way to escape this so I can enter some code? 
  • Long term fix: Should the data in long text fields in pipefy backend be stored in a way to avoid these errors?



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5 replies

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Hello there, @Keto-Faster 

You can try using the following format to add a code inside of the field. 


Hope this helps :)

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Thanks @marcos.pedrosa  - trying this!

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@marcos.pedrosa i’m afraid that doesn’t work. 

I think it’s probably just for “code formatting” - I get the same error.

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@Keto-Faster I’m sorry to hear that. 
I did a test here and it did work commenting the code, by just adding  `code here `

Not sure if this is the best scenario, but would it help to load the code in a .txt file and attach it to a field? 


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Hi, we haven't heard back from you in a while, so I assume you solved it, so we will close this topic!😀
 See you!