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  • 12 October 2021
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Hello !

I have a mail template with the Pedido ID (numeric)… how can I set de format of the number?,.. without decimals.. in the mail template? 


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5 replies

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Hi @gonzalo9 ! I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m guessing it might be possible with a bit of coding. @genietim is a wiz with coding so he might be able to help you.

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Hi @gonzalo9 and @Sarah Lane 


While I do love coding and might use it a bit too preemptively, the E-Mail templates in Pipefy unfortunately do not offer too many possiblitiy to do so. The E-Mail templates in Pipefy have only HTML & CSS support, meaning, markup and style, and no programmatic way to actually change the content. The field values that Pipefy injects are text only and they do not (yet) provide any way to manipulate it.

Now, to your actual problem: if I understand correctly, you have a numeric field in Pipefy and want the field value in the template to be without decimal digits?

Then, the only two ways I can think of right now are:

  • 1. use a text field with custom (numeric) validation instead of the numeric field
  • 2. hack: use css to have a small div with the background color overlapping exactly the width of the decimal digits


Tell me if you need more details on one of the solutions.

Best regards,



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Hi Tim, thanks

If you have more details how to implement the first options will be greats.

best regards


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Sure. To setup a short text field with custom validation, follow the screenshot below:



The interesting question for you will be what to use as input in the “Custom validation” field.

I cannot give you a definitive answer without knowing the format of your ID.

Examples include:

  • 1.: only digits, at least one: “^[0-9]+$”
  • 2.: only digits, exactly 5: “^[0-9]{5}$”
  • 3.: only digits, 5 or more: “^[0-9]{5}[0-9]*$”
  • 4.: only digits, any nr.: “^[0-9]*$”


If you want to know more about what each character does in the RegEx, or want to test them on your inputs, checkout e.g.

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greats!! thanks thanks & thanks. :relaxed: