Make a field required based on the value entered in another field

  • 2 February 2022
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Hi there.  I’m working on a process for our SDLC.  I would like to set up a flow where the user can indicate that they did or did not have a meeting in our process.  If they did, I want to set a field that documents the outcome of the meeting to required.  If they did not, I want to set a field that asks them to explain why they skipped the meeting to required

This pseudo code captures what I’m trying to do.  I could see tons of uses for this type of functionality. 

IF <had meeting = YES> THEN

   <who was in meeting -- REQUIRED>
   <why no meeting -- OPTIONAL>


   <who was in meeting -- OPTIONAL>
   <why no meeting -- REQUIRED>




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2 replies

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Actually, it looks like a required field is only required if displayed.  So just hiding the non-applicable fields is all I have to do.  


You can ignore me.  :) 

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Hello @d-sipe , thanks for you message, glad you could make it work!