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  • 20 June 2020
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hi, when should I use mandatory fields in my start form and phases? Can you give me some examples? 


Best answer by Ricardo Palhares 21 June 2020, 01:13

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Hi @Kevin Williams 


Fields are mandatory if you can’t complete the activity without that information.

For example, when you order a food delivery you should inform:

  • Menu item
  • Name
  • Address
  • Payment method
  • credit card number, if you select this kind of payment.

 Note that the order can’t be finished without this information.


I hope I have helped you!

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Hey @Kevin Williams , @Ricardo Palhares already explained to you perfectly but I’ll just add a comment on top of it. We see fields as the rules of execution of each stage of your process, right? Some rules are mandatory, they need to be followed otherwise the process result can’t be achieved, while others are optional and only need to be filled in specific scenarios.

In Ricardo’s example, all those fields are mandatory but you could a long text for the customer to add observations to their order (such as extra pickles or mayo on the side), that way you can clearly identify the information you absolutely need to fill the order (mandatory fields) and the ones you could do without, but are equally important considering specific scenarios.

Hope I helped, have a good one! :grin:

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Perfect @belsalemme