My Automation to Move Card To Next Phase no funciona

  • 21 April 2023
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Hello everyone

I have the phase “Evaluación del area de Costos” and I created an automation for it to move to the NEXT PHASE if the following conditions are met:

1- If Approve field equals YES

1- If Value put in the text box is greater than 0

1-If Anexo field is “Completed”

When I run a new form and I approve the Card meeting the three conditions above the card doesn’t move.


Thanks a lot for the HELP you can provide!!!!


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3 replies

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Hello, @DaveSalas 

This happened to me when I left a mandatory field active in the source phase.

Suggestion is to try to follow this pipefy article below, if it still doesn't work, I suggest you contact pipefy support.

My automation is not moving cards. What can I do?


Good Luck!

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Hi @DaveSalas 

You mentioned 3 fields and put only 2 in your automation. Beyond this as commented by Marco, check all mandatories fields, they must be filled to automation runs.


Good luck

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Alternatively to filling the fields, you can hide them using an intermediate automation. Depends on the context to decide whether that is worth it.