Remove Pipefy branding in Email and embeded forms

Today I can’t use Pipefy e-mails in my company because of the branding on the footer of each email. 

Also, the embeded forms are becoming an increasing problem, because Pipefy keeps on adding more and more of their branding and CTAs. 

embeded form propaganda after submit


It's understandable if you want to use your branding on FREE accounts, but seriously, my company pays the enterprise plan and we can’t opt out of these annoying things. 

Me, personaly, I stopped recommending Pipefy to other companies. 


It’s becoming a very expensive tool, since we can’t use all it’s resources. 

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Hi @ViniBevilacqua , I had submitted this option to the pipefy team, but it has not yet been implemented...



Hello Marcos, how are you? 
Thanks for letting me know! I just upvoted ;) 


Let’s hope Pipefy listen to it’s customers.