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by working on Reports i found an issue related to filter options.

For an example, lte’s say there are 2 Reports: “Active” and “Done”.

The tested case is:

  1. Open the report “Active” - it has the filter option “Created at: current month” - it shows items properly
  2. Then, open the report “Done with filter options “Current phase is: Done” and “Finished at: current month” - it shows cards in Done phase for this months and it is ok
  3. Opening again the report “Active” will show the filter option “Current phase is: Done”, remembered (or cached) from the report “Done” and it is wrong

The following pictures illustrate this issue:









I already tried to clear cache in different browsers, but the problem still exist.

Tell me, please, is there are already solution for this issue or could it be resolved soon?


Thank you very much




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Hi, @Milos 

Try contacting support and reporting this issue



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@Milos , I tried the test here and the cards in the archive phase (my last phase) that I have with the same filter are listed correctly. How many of those are outside the Done phase?


Did you manage to open a ticket here with support?

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Hi @Milos!

Do you still need help with this question?

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Hello @Lais Laudari 

since that issue still exists on one process only, i have no more questions, for now. 

This ticket could be closed.


Thank you and best regards


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@Milos If you have any difficulties, please share them with us here!😀