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  • 25 August 2021
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On all the pipes in our organization, we’re not able to use the “request tracking” feature. Whenever we submit a card on a pipe that has that feature enabled, we get the email, but when we click on the email link we get a “the access link expired” notification. Asking for a new link just brings us back to the same error.


A similar question was asked before (link below), but the answer doesn’t help me. If I go to I again just get the “the access link expired” message.



Best answer by Sarah Lane 27 August 2021, 14:17

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6 replies

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Hi Sarah

This situation happens when the e-mail system there is a feature enable called Safe Link.

This feature is responsible to check the links inside of e-mail to evaluate possible virus, malwares or phishing.  

Please ask to e-mail system administrator to add the radical of this link in the exception list to avoid this situation.


I hope that fix it.

Good luck!

Ezequiel Souza

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Its working normaly here

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That makes sense @Ezequiel Souza ! We do have security set up around our emails. I will talk with our IT team to make the necessary changes. Thank you!

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@Sarah Lane Hey! Still facing issues?? 
Let me know, please 

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Thanks @Juliana Spinardi . We haven’t made the necessary change on our end yet. I’m waiting for approval. If it doesn’t end up fixing the problem, I will certainly let you know :)

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Another coworker of mine contacted Pipefy support and was told this was a bug. It’s now been fixed and I can confirm that the request tracker is working for us. No changes to our email settings were necessary. :relaxed: