Searching done cards in pipe connection

  • 13 July 2021
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In one of our pipes we use a pipe connection field to allow users to connect their new form with one that was previously submitted. 

Often the one they’ve previously submitted will be in a “done” phase. 

When submitting the form via the public form, users cannot search cards that are in the “done” phase.

Search in the public form


HOWEVER, when creating a card from the pipe, admins do have the option to also search done records. 

Search in the pipe ‘create new card’ option; has the button to ‘also show done records’​​​​


Is this truly different? And, if so, why? Or am I missing something on the public form?


Can users search done records on the public form?


Best answer by Lais Laudari 13 July 2021, 22:02

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2 replies

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Thank you @lais-laudari . It’s a shame that there’s this difference between the public form and the cards in the back-end. I’ll submit an “idea” about making it possible in both.


Thank you for confirming that I wasn’t just missing something.

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Hi Sarah, how are you doing?

This is expected, on the public form is not possible to search for done records but in the pipe its possible to select the bottom to show done records!


Let me know if you need anything else! =)