Store SQL in a long text

  • 18 August 2021
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Is that possible to store a SQL command in a long text field? 


PLAN B: store a .sql file, but its not the best way :(



6 replies

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Hello @m.sabadini try to break the text. 

But its bizare cause i can store SQL lines at my cards.

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Man, I`m in big trouble hahaha

I cant use the word cast, but I cast many, many, many times :disappointed_relieved:  

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@m.sabadini  still having the same issue?

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@Juliana Spinardi  unfortunately yes :/

Hey @m.sabadini! Fabricio from the Pipefy security team here. It seems to me that our application firewall is finding the content suspicious. I order for me to investigate further, can you please provide me your card ID via private message? 


P.S.: You are able to find it in your browser URL when opening the card:


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@m.sabadini  did you get the answer you are looking for?