Store SQL in a long text

  • 18 August 2021
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Is that possible to store a SQL command in a long text field? 


PLAN B: store a .sql file, but its not the best way :(




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7 replies

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Hello @m.sabadini try to break the text. 

But its bizare cause i can store SQL lines at my cards.

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Man, I`m in big trouble hahaha

I cant use the word cast, but I cast many, many, many times :disappointed_relieved:  

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@m.sabadini  still having the same issue?

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@Juliana Spinardi  unfortunately yes :/

Hey @m.sabadini! Fabricio from the Pipefy security team here. It seems to me that our application firewall is finding the content suspicious. I order for me to investigate further, can you please provide me your card ID via private message? 


P.S.: You are able to find it in your browser URL when opening the card:


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@m.sabadini  did you get the answer you are looking for? 

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@m.sabadini If you use Github, a good option is to use the native Pipefy connector. In it you can attach issues, pull requests, commits and branches.



To add the connector with Github ao seu Pipe, go to:

Tools > Apps:



Best regards.