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  • 15 December 2020
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Has anyone tried out the new beta design of Pipefy yet? I have to admit to not being impressed with parts of it. Some of what makes pipefy clean and easy to follow and work on has gone. 

By losing all the lines, borders and differences in background, its made it seem more messy to me.

I love that they are trying to update the design, but for now it feels a little too ‘white’ and to me needs a few borders/dividers, subtle background colour changes etc


5 replies

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@populohub, I totally agree with your point of view. I had the same impression as you. I admit that I had some difficulty in finding some features that before it was very clear to find. The design is a little difficult to follow, because as our colleague commented, it has lots of light colors and a lack of borders. Besides, I didn't really like the dynamics and the layout, the old one for me was clearer and more intuitive.

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@populohub  @rebeca.venancio  Thank you very much for the feedback!

My name is Maurivan Luiz and I am the Principal Designer responsible for leading Pipefy Design team in the design of this new interface, nice to e-meet you.


First of all I would like to thank you for your feedback here in the Pipefy Community. We are working closely with our consumers and feedbacks like this are important for us to evolve our product.


We are in Beta version and we have identified some colors and borders that will work better the contrast until the official launch of the platform.


Would you be willing to talk to our UX Research team to better understand some points and perceptions you had when using this new interface for the first time?


If so, I can connect you directly with our UX Research team for a quick chat.


And whenever you have feedback you can send it to us. It is a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to improve our product by listening to consumers voice.

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@maurivan thanks for taking the time to reply. 

Yes, I would be happy to chat more about my thoughts in particular.

I have to say one thing that would help immensely on the kanban boards, is to be able to hide or archive the completed tasks/jobs. That still doesn't seem to be part of the new version either, and looking at the UI as a whole and trying to improve the design, that in itself is a glaring problem. You can never have a clean looking design, if you have to see all old tasks on there.


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@populohub Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with us and help us with the product. We would love to hear your points and impressions.


Feel free to select the best time that works for you to talk to an expert from our UX Research team, through the calendar →

I would like to say that we have our Product Board where you can submit ideas, such as this card archiving completed cards. →

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@maurivan I would submit ideas to the board, but pretty sure I have done that before, and nothing happens with that product board. I don’t believe its really updated, so not a real roadmap i think.