The Request Tracker doesn't permit that user see attachement?

  • 5 February 2021
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My customers are complaining about the missed feature that they see attached files in the Request Tracker.

Is there some adjust or configuration to permit this?




Ezequiel Souza




Best answer by Matheus Cabral 11 February 2021, 21:41

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5 replies

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Hey Ezequiel,
It's a pleasure to have this conversation with you.
We don't have this feature in our roadmap. But you can submit this feedback on our roadmap page.



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You are able to send a copy of the response containing the attachments through Integromat.

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Hi Lucas,


Unfortunately Pipefy has been providing solutions that it’s missing basic features and after that tell us to use paid solution.




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@Ezequiel Souza


Unfortunately, not all features are supported by Pipe, but Integromat has been an inexpensive and easy-to-use option to increase the power of Pipefy.


The $ 19 plan has been solving my life.I usually count on being an extra user for my customers.


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Hi Lucas

If your process run only one process and you pay $ 19 good for you. In my case I have running almost 1000 jobs month.

I think that I’ll spend much money for a basic feature, once that the Pipefy designers had put almost all type of data except the attachment in the Request Tracker.


Thanks for suggestion.