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  • 4 September 2021
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Hello all, I would love to know if there is a way to give a unique link to a form that pre-fills some fields?

Use case - we have a list of customers that submit invoices for checking and approval for payment.


I would like to give each customer a link that, gives them access to a new start form that already populates the name of the company and our internal ID for them, so they cannot edit it?


Is this possible?



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Hello @will66, at this time you cant do it the way you thinked, but a similar solution is add a single choice field, for the client check his company, and than setup an automation to fill the ID, the name, the address for example.

But its impossible to generate two different forms for the same pipeline.

You can also choose which field the user are able to fill in the form, to avoid miss filling.

Hope I helped, anything else you can text me. :)

Hey Will, what’s up?

You can prefill form fields using URL variables, here’s how: 



If you want to pre-fill the “Razão Social" and “Saldo disponível para resgate" fields based on a value you decide, you must access the form with theses values set in the form URL. 

Form URL:





Form URL with variables:


This should result on:



To be able to find out what are the variables’ name, you must inspect your form page link this:


Right click → Inspect


Then make sure you tick this option:


Now hover over and click on the the form field title. You should see something like this:


Now look at the Inspection tool and search, right below, where is highlighted:

You must find something like this:


<input name="customFields.raz_o_social" ….

This “customFields.something_something" is the value you must place in your URL.


So, just a recap: 

Grab your form URL, find the variables’ name by inspecting the page then use them on your form URL. 


First variable must be placed AFTER a question mark “?"

More variables must be separated by “&"

Then share the full link ;) 


I hope this tutorial helps! 


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I've just want these pre filled fields by url, get open for editing, is there a way to pre fill by url editable fields?

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Hi Tiago! Yes, they are fixed, without the possibility of making them variable so far. 😉