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  • 10 June 2020
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Hi, I own a construction company and we have been increasing our head count lately. Since we don't have a structured process in place I would love to learn how other customers have been using Pipefy for hiring processes. 


Looking forward to hearing from the community experts! 


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This is a widely used process in Pipefy.
You can organize the hiring of people from beginning to end, creating a portal for applications and defining a screening, selection and hiring process to be followed by the team.
You can also automate e-mail returns, deadline alerts, among others.
Take a look at this pipefy case for hiring 


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Hi Fred,

I have seen some companies using interactive processes. For example, you may include social media analysis, personality tests, logical reasoning tests, language proficiency exams, technical knowledge assessments and video interviews in your process, for example. 

You can desing your process with all theese specific steps and using forms to gather information, emails templates to keep candidates informed, sending links for other specific tools used in the process, to define responbilities, SLA's and also tracking performance of your process.

So, Pipefy manage the process and you can use other specific tools for psicological analysis based on artificial Inteligence, for example, but keep in mind that to design a process for our company is very important understand characteristcs of your headcount and a briefing of your company momment. 

This process is the fisrt step of your employee experience. Think about it.

I hope I have helped you.

Ricardo Palhares
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