What is a guest user in Pipefy plataform?

  • 23 June 2020
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What is a guest user? What can it do? Can it view cards?


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Hey @Peter , hope you’re doing fine! Guest is one of the three available company permissions, here’s what each of them can do:

  • Administrator: This user can access and edit all pipes inside a company (including private pipes). They can also edit the company's settings, invite/delete members or change other members permission levels;
  • Member: This user can join all public pipes and create/edit cards in them (depending on the pipe permission level);
  • Guest: This user can only access the start form of public pipes to create new cards. They can't view or edit any cards, even the ones they created.

Guests can only view the public pipes in a company and click on them to open the form and create new cards. They can’t follow up on the cards they’ve created since they cannot be added to pipes. Guest users are not chargeable but, once added to a pipe, they become company members and count as a chargeable user.

Hope this helped!

In my current Pipe, the user is a guest for a public form, requesting funds for his project, eventually, his submission is rejected with the following status "requesting further info".
But he can't access the platform to submit the information requested, that way, they have to re-submit the whole form again (it is a huge form).

So I was considering a day-pass as member, for the specific guest, only for that card information, only for a predefined amount of hours, so it may provide better information.

There is a way to do this @belsalemme ?