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  • 22 February 2022
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Hi community !

At the end of a first pipe i ask to users (students) to upload their homework, i ask it by email.
For that i have created a separated form on an other pipe with several upload fields.

Problem is that i don’t know how to identify who is uploading files.

For that i ask users to add their own email, before upload their files… => is there a better way to do that, for example by pre-filling email field on the second form (extracted from the first pipe) ?

Also, is there a way to “send” uploads coming from the second pipe/form, in each user card in the first pipe ?

Thanks fos helping and best regard


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3 replies

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Hi Chrgilles

Let separate your situation in 2 parts:

  1. When a card is created by public form and you have enabled the Request Tracker function the e-mails is requested in the end of form. This e-mail appearing in the card in the field Creator.  You can create a field text (short or long) and an automation to filled the field with this value or use the creator field in the card like this:
  1. To solve your second issue, my suggestion is:
    Create a second pipe like the first and use the automation to create a card (child) in the second pipe connected to card (father) in the first pipe and to synchronize the attachment field content. This way you can see the same attached file in the father and child.


Note: Pipefy there some bad behavior with several files attached at the same card. My suggestion is guide your user always upload .zip files with contents. Suppose that already there a file attached. Download it, pick the current and new file(s), create a zip and upload this new one file with current file and other(s).


Good Luck.

Ezequiel Souza

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Hello @chrgilles 

I have a suggestion:

You can centralize everything in a single Pipe.

Instead of sending a link to a Start Form in the email, I suggest you send the link to the current phase (phase form link).

For that, you would just need to change your email template and make some adjustments to your phases. the fields that attachments need to be in the phase that triggered the email.

So you would have a flow something like this:

- Phases before the email is triggered.
- Phase that triggers emails;
- Phase that will gather the completed phase forms (with annexes)*.
- Next phases that make sense for your process.

You can create an automation to move the card when it receives the phase form attachment.

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@chrgilles still with the same problem?