🏞️ Thanks for joining Pipefy Summit 2021!

  • 16 December 2021
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🏞️ Thanks for joining Pipefy Summit 2021!
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Thank you for attending Pipefy’s 2021 Summit. This year’s event was a success! It was a pleasure to have you involved, and we hope the content presented generated good insights for your business. 

Your feedback is very important and will help us build an even better event for you next year. Help us by providing your feedback about Pipefy’s 2021 Summit! 

Lost your notes? Do not worry. Click here to have access to all the recordings! 

We hope you enjoy the content provided. Follow us on the Pipefy Community to stay on top of new events and articles.


2 replies

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I couldn't watch it live, but I'll definitely see the recordings!

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Thank you for putting together such a great event!