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I run a bunch of different automations in Pipefy via webhook and I'm going to be moving my webhook target function behind a corporate network. To continue to run the automations I need to request firewall rules for my virtual machine and to do that I need the IP or list of IPs that the webhook call originate from as well as the protocol. What is the best way to get this information about Pipefy webhooks?


Any help is much appreciated, thank you!


Best answer by Lais Laudari 15 May 2024, 20:42

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Hi @jorden-monroe!

I think this attached document will help. If you need more information, just let us know here, please!

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Perfect thank you @Lais Laudari ! Is there a specific group of these IPs that the webhook calls would come from in this list? I don’t see anything specific to the webhooks. Do I need to request to allow traffic from all of these IPs?

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This list helped me a lot when I had some problems.