🌳Help us grow! | Leave us a review on g2.com

  • 2 March 2023
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🌳Help us grow! | Leave us a review on g2.com
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Hi community friends! 


We are always striving to make Pipefy better, but we need your help. 

One easy way to help us grow is by leaving a review for us on g2.com


Reviews only take a few moments. But why do it? 


  • Help your peers. Your review helps other teams decide if Pipefy is right for them. 🤔

  • Earn recognition. Reviews can help you stand out as an expert. 📚

  • Share feedback. Is there something about Pipefy that you 😍? Got an idea to make Pipefy even better? Make your voice heard!


Leaving a review is quick and easy: just click this link, login with your LinkedIn, Google, or email, and answer a few questions about your experience with Pipefy. 


If you have any questions, comment below.


Thank you! 😍


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