🎙 Meet a Superuser - Vicente Lemes

  • 31 August 2023
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🎙 Meet a Superuser - Vicente Lemes
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This month, get to know Community Superuser Vicente Lemes, Systems Analyst, and part of the strategic management department in CHQ Group's Technology and Innovation division and learn more about his experience using Pipefy.


> Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What are your interests and hobbies? What is your job, and where are you employed?

I'm from a little town called Carneirinho, on the edge of the triangle of Minas Gerais, right on the edge of the state.

I'm a Systems Analyst in the strategic management department of the CHQ Group, which is the holding company responsible for the Chiquinho Sorvetes brand.

Within strategic management, I'm part of the Technology and Innovation division, which is responsible for leading innovative projects and using technology to drive the group's growth.

I read and watch a lot of content about bodybuilding, philosophy, science, technology, games, and, of course, automation, which, as well as being part of my job, is a subject I particularly enjoy. My main hobby is bodybuilding, and I'm preparing to participate in a bodybuilding competition next year.

As a consequence of bodybuilding, I became a good cook, because you can't eat raw rice with dried chicken breast without seasoning, can you? I had to work hard and learn, and today cooking for myself and my wife, who is also an athlete, is something I really enjoy doing.

I've loved video games since childhood, so whenever there's time on the weekend, my wife and I play a game on the PlayStation.


> How do you use Pipefy in your work routine?

Pipefy is my job. I'm responsible for managing and implementing Pipefy and the integration tools that go with it. We have other technologies, but the main one that takes up 90% of my time today is Pipefy. 


> How did you learn to use Pipefy?

Watching videos, Pipefy's own tutorials, Pipefy Academy, testing in practice, and interacting in the community (I'm currently contributing little and just reading because I'm on the go).


> What were the impacts on your workflow and processes after adopting Pipefy?

Well, I think my view on this is different because I don't have the same use for it as the other departments here. Technically, they are my internal clients.

But in terms of the company's flows and processes in general, everyone recognizes that the implementation of Pipefy has transformed our organization. It’s brought standardization and time optimization and has also opened the door to indicators and metrics that we didn't have before.

Today, all our work is organized and managed within Pipefy. At first, it was strange because it was a new way of working, but everyone soon realized how easy and intuitive the tool is to use.

On the subject of the implementation of Pipefy here at CHQ group, I joined the business in October 2019 with the task of organizing the marketing agency's workflow. Right from the start, however, I found it very difficult because there was no tool for this.
I suggested that we look for a tool built for management, and of the tools we analyzed, Pipefy stood out for being Kanban, for its practicality in construction, and for the automation and integrations available to us.

The initial idea in 2019 was for a tool to serve the marketing processes, but Pablo Bernardes (CHQ Group Vice President) saw that it would make sense to implement the tool for all departments, so in September 2020, I was transferred to the CHQ Group and I've been here ever since.

The CHQ group departments that currently run Pipefy are Expansion, Implementation, Architecture, Marketing, and Legal.

I'd like to take this opportunity to share a response from a leader who has been using Pipefy since it was first implemented.


Gustavo Souza,  Marketing Supervisor: “Pipefy has brought a more fluid working environment and made operations more dynamic. I think the biggest advantage of Pipefy is that everyone can talk in the same place, in the same language, with the same deadlines and the same information background.”


> Which Pipefy feature helps you the most in your tasks? Which one do you like the best?

The two, automation and integrations, make everyone's job much easier here at the CHQ group. In some processes, we're already up to almost 100 automations, both native to Pipefy and through integration tools. As they progress, our work becomes more and more optimized. In many situations, we combine both types of automations to get the most out of Pipefy.

> What differentiates Pipefy from other tools on the market? 


Intuitive layout, the possibility of automation, integrations, connection between pipes and databases, and user support. All this makes Pipefy a very powerful tool for controlling and optimizing our processes.


>  What would you like the product team to work on?

The distribution of demands was an incredible feature, I'm enjoying testing it. But what I'm still looking forward to are the calculable fields.


> Tell us what it has been like to be a Super User.

I see this as something that motivates me to interact more and more in the community. And it was in the community that I was able to interact with people passionate about processes and automation who were always willing to share knowledge.


> Anything else you’d like to add?


I just want to thank everyone who has contributed and still contributes to the Pipefy Community.


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