😍 Meet Pipefy’s new Guest Experience

  • 16 May 2022
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😍 Meet Pipefy’s new Guest Experience
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What about having one single place for your guests to find and submit their requests, communicate about them, and have real-time updates while you guarantee information security?

Meet Pipefy’s new Guest Experience, a set of new features to improve how you interact with guest users, keeping communication centralized and increasing the satisfaction of your stakeholders.

To unlock a better experience, you can start inviting guest users without extra cost and choose what role they will have inside your organization within Pipefy:

  •  New Company Guest role: For members of your company that does not manage processes inside Pipefy, but need to send requests, such as PTO and reimbursements.

  • New External Guest role: For external stakeholders, such as vendors and customers.

  When logged in, guests will be able to access the new Request Area with two tabs:   

  • Portals: where they can find the forms they have access to and submit new requests;

  • Requests: where they can find submitted requests, communicate and follow updates every time a card moves to another phase. 

Go now to your company settings and start inviting new guest users to take advantage of the brand new Request Area.

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