🆕 New feature on the way!

  • 18 June 2021
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🆕 New feature on the way!
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Hello everyone! 

My name is Nicole and I’m an Associate Product Manager here at Pipefy. 


We would like to invite you to test a prototype of a feature that is currently being developed by us. 🚀


It is very quick and it would be super helpful if you could provide us your honest feedback on it. You can check it here.

Thank you so much. 😄

5 replies

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Loved it, @Nicole Chiroli 

@Eduardo Kano @ivan.novofoco @rebeca.venancio @juliana-navarqui @Sarah Lane @Lucas Democh @thaiannelourenco  look at this awesome invitation!! 

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Hi @Nicole Chiroli ,

This new flow visualization format is really cool.

Getting to see the flow steps along with the automations and integrations will be amazing.

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Very cool prototype @Nicole Chiroli ! I really like what Pipefy is trying to do here. Has a lot of potential!

As always, the clean and clear Pipefy formatting/layout is very easy to follow and read.

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I really liked it too.
Sometimes it is necessary to present the process in flow to better understand the steps or loops.

I'm looking forward to testing this visualization on our Pipes.

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Hello, @Sarah Lane, @ivan.novofoco, and @Lucas Democh

I am super glad y’all liked it! I am myself also very excited about it.

Oh, and we are still working on it and afterwards we are still going to be working on improvements for it so, if there is something else you’d like to see in it, I’m all ears! :blush: