📧 News | Email improvements

  • 1 September 2021
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📧 News | Email improvements
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Hello Community! :nerd:

This past August, we have deployed several improvements to enhance your email experience! 

1.  Unread email icons

Now email users can see two new icons on closed cards in the Kanban view to help them track which cards need their attention. We intend to improve this user experience even more with the soon-to-be-launched unread email filter also in the Kanban view.

  • no icon: card has no email
  • closed envelope with red dot: card has unread email
  • opened envelope: all emails are read
Easily find cards with unread emails that require your attention


2. Print email

Now you can not only print your emails (both individual messages and whole threads in a card), but also save them as a PDF. This is a small but important step towards better compliance and sharing of the information exchanged via emails in our platform.

Print your emails or save them as PDF


3. Delete email

For those users who need to clean up their inboxes (e.g. spams, emails sent by mistake, repeated messages…), now they can with our simple delete email message feature. This is a “soft delete”, meaning that all deleted messages will still be stored in the database (important for future compliance records), but won’t be rendered on the UI anymore. It is also important to mention here that, because it is a soft delete, one will be able to, if really needed, restore those deleted messages (cc: @supportteam).

Exclude emails that you don't need like spams


 4. Collapsed repeated content

When a user opens an email thread with recurrent content from previous messages automatically appended by external email clients, we now hide these repeated messages under a collapse/expand button, so that the user does not have to see this unnecessarily overcrowding content on the interface.

See just what is important, while we hide for you the unnecessary repeated content


5. No more wrapper for manual emails

With the intent of giving users more flexibility while composing their emails, we removed the layout wrapper that was previously automatically inserted around manual emails. Now, just like any other email client, the contents of the email will be fully responsive, accommodating to the available space. Note that emails based upon templates and sent via automation are still using the wrapper, which limits the width of the email to 600px and give you more predictable outputs in terms of email formatting, independently of the size of the recipient's screen.


6. No more uncreated cards because of field limitations

As you know, cards can be created automatically from incoming emails by mapping email fields into card fields (Email Inbox feature). We fixed a limitation where cards that mapped very long email fields into short card text fields could not be created. Now, cards will always be created from incoming emails despite the 255 character limit of short text fields; the card fields will just have cropped content (we added a warning on the UI for this) until the pipe admin replaces that short text field for a long text field.


7. No more expiration for attachment links

Historically, our email attachments are links (that save you storage space and can be easily shared everywhere), and not files really attached to an email. These links used to expire within 30 days, meaning that new links would have to be re-generated over and over again for accessing to those older files. This used to be a big pain to users who needed to access older attachments, but it is no longer. Now all email attachments have unlimited expiration times, and their links will be valid forever.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions about any of the changes mentioned above.


best regards,
Giovanni Basso
Product Manager
"Doers drive change. We empower them."


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I will show it to my team 


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Happy with the new changes! Especially that you backtracked on the link expiration — I actually implemented a proxy for these links to have some last infintly, that will become obselete now, I guess.

Thanks for listing the changes! :D